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Create global leaders grounded in islamic ethics with a clear sense of accountability to Allah, stewardship of the world, and responsibility to society CONTACT
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Show how the Qur'an and Sunnah are relevant in today's life by creating practical work models of Islamic teachings of life in today's context. CONTACT
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We are an education center filled with passionate people ready to cater to your child’s intellectual and religious needs.

Reviver Academy is an Islamic institution that, on top of teaching everything a regular school does, also focuses on Islamic, Arabic, and Quran Studies.

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    “Our experience at Reviver has been wonderful. The teachers are kind and hardworking, and keep in touch with us regarding our kids’ progress. The best part is that our kids are in an Islamic environment—they start their day with the remembrance of Allah in assembly each morning: reciting dhikr, the 99 names of Allah, Hadith, etc! Quran memorization, reading, and Islamic studies is top notch. We are satisfied parents, Alhamdulillah.”
    Moheddine Ben Atia
    “My children have been attending Reviver Academy since pre-K, and over the years I beyond impressed with their progress in Arabic reading, writing, Qur’an memorization, and their academic studies. I feel at peace that they can get their education in the masjid environment. With the covid situation, their dedication and hard work to make everything as seamless as possible for everyone has been commendable. I love that their teachers are very kind, dedicated, and always keep me up to date. I would recommend Reviver Academy to any parent.”
    Sahbi Cherigui
    “My experience at Reviver Academy has been a blessing. My daughter can comfortably learn about and practice her faith whilst getting an education, all in the comfort of the masjid! Not to mention the Quran memorization, it is amazing how fast she is learning, by the mercy of Allah and of course their dedicated Quran teacher. All the teachers and staff are truly dedicated to the success and wellbeing of the children. I highly recommend Reviver Academy to all parents!"
    R. Zemmel

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