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Position Requirement: 
To be a role model for their students, to train their students to be future leaders, and to provide an appropriate educational atmosphere that encourages positive student learning while participating in a dynamic classroom setting, and advance in the school’s programs and goals.
Required Qualifications:
– Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the same field.
– 3+ years of school teaching in the same field.
– Great presentation and communication skills with students, parents, and staff.
– Ability to coach, inspire, and lead others.
-A teaching license
-Good background in Islam and the Arabic language.
The performance of this job will be evaluated by provisions as outlined in the negotiated contract between the School Board and the Academy. Candidate should be able to wear Islamic dress code and respect the Islamic faith values and culture.
Salary commensurate with experience education level
Tuition discount for dependents
Professional Development Program
Tuition Assistance for the Academy’s related programs
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